Diy lotion shea butter coconut oil

Discover how to make your own DIY lotion using nourishing ingredients like shea butter and coconut oil. Pamper your skin with these easy homemade lotion recipes for a luxurious and moisturizing experience.
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I’m pretty excited about this simple yet perfectly pillowy whipped shea butter! This two-ingredient formulation came about as part of my work on last spring’s Why is my body butter not whipping? video. I needed lots of b-roll of different … Continue reading →

Elizabeth DeRobio
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This luxurious homemade body butter is the ultimate hydrating treatment your dry winter skin is longing for. It's easy to make with only 3 essential ingredients which means that even the newest of newbies to DIY skincare can pull it off! A body butter for dry winter skin This luxurious homemade body butter is one

Marjorie Mason