DIY embroidery frame

Get inspired by these creative DIY embroidery frame ideas to showcase your embroidery skills and create unique and personalized pieces for your home. Start your next embroidery project today!
500mm (19.75") Wooden Embroidery Slate Frame, made from European Beech for Hand Embroidery, Cross Stitch and other Needlework Crafts, Rug Hooking Frames, Stumpwork, Framed Embroidery, Needlework, Embroidery Tools, Tambour Embroidery, Engraved Frames, Cross Stitch Embroidery

Ahhhhh. Two momentous things for you today! Wait... make that three! It's a banner day! First, I want to introduce you to a new (and beautiful, and functional, and strong, and light - and a little bit different) slate frame that's on the market. And then, to spread the joy a bit, we'll hav

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Don't get me wrong, I love framing my embroidery in the hoop it was created in. There is something special about the idea of framing it in the very thing you made it in... and it's trendy :) However, I have to say that sometimes framing your embroidery in an actual picture frame really gives it that special touch. One

Kate Stiger

When you get beyond the beginner stage of hand embroidery and move into more complex forms, you may find that you wish to expand your collection of tools. An indispensible tool for the serious embroiderer – especially if you get into goldwork, silk shading, and other complex techniques – is the slate frame. I’ve found ...

Q-snap frame (other images on page for slightly different design)....can't find the instructions but it looks like a DIY...Plus it looks like she is wearing a Baylor University, one of my several alma matas. Machine Quilting, Quilting Frames, Pvc Projects, Hand Quilting, Embroidery Tools, Pvc Pipe Projects, Diy Embroidery Frame, Tejidos, Diy Embroidery

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Necessaire Floor Stand.  This one is relatively inexpensive compared to many other stands.  Made in the UK, under $200, even works well at a sofa or comfy chair (not a recliner when "reclined" but probably when upright). Couture, Sewing Rooms, Diy Embroidery Stand, Diy Embroidery Hoop Stand, Diy Embroidery Frame, Embroidery Tools, Diy Embroidery, Tambour Embroidery, Crossstitch

Back in November, I reviewed the Millenium needlework frame, and about a week later, wrote a follow-up article on the Millenium frame to answer some questions about it. Needle Needs, the company that produces the Millenium frame, also makes a floor stand that accommodates the Millenium frame well

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