DIY clothes bag

Transform your wardrobe with these creative DIY clothes bag ideas. Learn how to make your own stylish and functional bags to keep your clothes organized and easily accessible.
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There comes a time when everyone’s favorite band shirts have seen a few too many mosh-worthy moments and start looking a little rough. While it’s hard to let go of something that often holds so much sentimental value, there are ways to keep those memories alive while breathing new life…

Brooke Nakatsukasa
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This is a beginner friendly sewing project that is a quick sew! Azuma Bukuro, is a traditional Japanese cloth bag that is used to carry pretty much anything. You can make them in a variety of sizes using a simple formula. The total length is always 3 times the width. Then you add the seam allowance. There are lined versions of these bags but I prefer the unlined version as I find it's less bulky and easier to tie the knot. Linen or linen blend fabric is my go to choice for its charming…

Irene Glez