Diy bow tie

Learn how to make your own bow tie with these simple and stylish DIY ideas. Add a touch of elegance to your outfit and stand out from the crowd.
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In recent years musicians and actors have made bow ties wildly popular, and for James Bond they have never gone out of fashion. Think of Daniel Craig in Casino Royale with that untied bow tie. Yes, that’s the one I'm going to show you in this how to make a bow tie tutorial. Forget clip-on bowties – a real gentleman ties a bow tie. Your problems in finding a bowtie to coordinate a partner’s outfit with your dress will be over once you learn to how to sew a proper bow tie within a few minutes…

Kristina Akiki
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I mentioned earlier this week that I completely ran out of time to make the kiddos’ Easter outfits this year. Bummer. I really enjoy making their holiday outfits because, hmmmmm, I don’t know why. Maybe it’s a good excuse to make them something new? And justifies the purchase of new fabric? However, this year I …

Tracie Elmer Lucey

This special DIY bow-tie by David Stark Design doesn't require crazy sewing skills or a trip to a seamstress. With simple materials, you can take absolutely any fabric you want and transform it into a custom-made bow-tie for your groom to wear to the wedding.