Dior jewelry bracelets

Complete your look with the elegance of Dior jewelry bracelets. Explore a wide range of styles and find the perfect bracelet to complement your outfit. Shop now and enhance your accessory collection.
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The Dio(r)evolution bracelet is distinguished by its modern and streamlined look. Crafted in gold-finish metal, the chain is punctuated by white resin pearls and elegantly reveals the 'D.I.O.R.' letters. The sophisticated bracelet may be worn with other creations from the Dio(r)evolution line.


The Petit CD bracelet presents the 'CD' signature on one of its two gold-finish metal chains. A favorite symbol of Christian Dior, a sparkling star with a pavé of white crystals adorns the other chain, also decorated with a discreet small white crystal. Timeless and elegant, the bracelet may be worn daily.