Digraph words

Improve your child's phonics skills with engaging digraph words activities. Explore a variety of interactive games and worksheets to help your child master this important reading concept.
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Many of my first grade friends are now learning common blends and digraphs. I thought it’d help if I gathered a few of my favorite resources and activities as well as answer common questions for introducing and practicing this skill. What’s the difference between a blend and a digraph? Consonant Blends A consonant blend is […]

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Poster containing images and text for digraph th words.

Learn and review digraph /th/ words with this FREE phonics poster! Visit our website for hundreds of interactive and printable resources to encourage your students to practice key phonics skills. #freeposter #englishresources #englishmaterials #phonics #vocabulary #digraph #th #phoneme #initialsound #firstsound #lastsound #endingsound #learnenglish #teacherlindsey

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