Dessert plates

Elevate your dessert presentation with beautiful dessert plates. Find the perfect designs to add a touch of elegance to your sweet treats.

Contemporary ceramic dinnerware set is made by a unique technology that allows to cover the flat bottom by glaze, absence of a heavy rim makes the tableware extremely light, which is comfortable to use every day. Modesty and aesthetic simplicity in the design of Scandinavian dinnerware are successfully combined with versatility and functionality. Neutral colors and straight lines effectively fit into the interior and elegantly decorate the meal. This design of ware embodies pragmatism…

Jessica Banks
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Modern designer made small batch ceramics and original paintings by Lindsay Emery in North Carolina. Anthropologie Mimira Collection designer. Cofounder of The Studio Source, teaching artists to sell online. Online pottery classes available teaching potters how to design their best work and use gold luster in their ceramic studios.

Megan Weber