Learn how to efficiently remove debris from your surroundings and maintain a clean and tidy environment. Explore top tips and techniques to keep your space debris-free.
Rubble and Debris - Modular Set, Ilya Nedyal on ArtStation at Warhammer Terrain, 40k Terrain, Apocalypse Aesthetic, Growth And Decay, Jack O Lantern Faces, Environment Concept Art, Pics Art, Fantasy Landscape, Nature Travel

Asset pack I released for Unity/Unreal stores. I have big experience working on rubble for a various games in the past. I decided to use this knowledge to create a generic looking package which can be used by Indie/Solo dev's. The whole set is fully modeled, I've used 3dsmax/zbrush/painter for creation. 80lv breakdown is coming soon. Unreal Store: Unity:

Marcus Meler
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Check it...big on black! Took Chris around to a couple of my locations last night (actually he drove!). As we stopped by the old Globe Aircraft Factory property, there was a storm passing n the distance to the north...made for some nice light-painting in the clouds, and even caught a bolt with this one, but didn't notice it on the LCD in the field; was a nice surprise once I pulled the images up on the computer! Night, 1/2 moon, ambient sodium vapor, and Chris popped some natural strobe…

Artful Swirls of Plastic Marine Debris Documented in Images by Photographer Mandy Barker | Colossal Upcycling, Art, Photography, Environmental Art, Inspiration, Plastic Pollution, Artwork, Trash Art, Debris

Photographer Mandy Barker creates deceptively eye-catching images to document the pandemic of plastic debris in the world’s waterways. Barker, who is based in Leeds, UK, works closely with scientists to collect trash from our oceans and beaches on the edges of nearly every continent. One research expedition covered the debris field (stretching to Hawaii) that resulted from Japan’s 2011 tsunami and earthquake; she has also explored the Inner Hebrides in Scotland with Greenpeace. More

Mandy Fong