Dead space

Immerse yourself in the terrifying world of Dead Space. Find top ideas to enhance your gaming experience and survive the horrors lurking in the dead space.
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Here are images from concepts Keos Masons did for Motive’s Dead Space Remake. We are responsible for designing these alongside Motive’s team who briefed us and directed us. Art Director : Marco Plouffe Lead : Kevin Ochoa Artist : Daria Rashev © 2023 Electronic Arts Inc. Electronic Arts, Motive, and Dead Space are trademarks of Electronic Arts Inc.

Steven Landa

The Puker is a unique ranged Necromorph form encountered throughout the events of Dead Space 2 and later in Dead Space 3.[1][2] The Puker's digestive acids drastically alter its appearance, melting and merging the flesh. The host's original legs have entwined, and a clump of intestines, nerves and muscles have grown down to form an additional leg. Its fingers have merged into three long claws on each hand. Its eyes are missing, and its jaw has fused with its neck, freezing its face in a…

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