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Indulge in the sweetness of Danish desserts with these mouthwatering recipes. From creamy pastries to fruity delights, discover the perfect treat to satisfy your cravings.
A traditional treat from Denmark! Drømmekage or Danish Dream Cake is a delicious, soft cake with coconut caramel on top. Don't think its cloyingly sweet -- nope. Every bite has the right balance of sweetness from the cake and the topping. Try it for your next coffee break! Danish Dessert Recipes Denmark, Coconut Coffee Cake Recipes, Pie, Essen, Danish Dream Cake (drømmekage), Danish Dream Cake Milk Street, Danish Cream Cake, Danish Dream Cake 12 Tomatoes, Scandinavian Dessert Recipes

Drømmekage, or Danish Dream Cake, is a delicious, soft cake with coconut caramel topping --- a traditional treat from Denmark! Every bite has the right balance of sweetness, softness, and crunch. Try it for your next coffee break!

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Raspberry almond puff pastry Danish is an easy homemade Danish recipe that's not too sweet, with a rich cream cheese filling and the perfect flaky crust. Breakfast just got a whole lot more interesting!

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Tomorrow is Fastelavn, which is basically the Scandinavian version of Carnival 🎉 We have lots of strange traditions in Denmark, but by far our favorite is eating these delicious fastelavnsboller, or Fastelavn buns 🤩 They are soft and fluffy and filled with vanilla pastry cream! #skandibaking . . . . #fastelavn #fastelavnsboller #buns #danish #scandinavian #baking #instafood #food #dessert #cooking #delicious #foodphotography #baker #bake #sweet