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Learn essential culinary techniques to enhance your cooking abilities and create delicious meals. Discover expert tips and tricks that will take your culinary journey to the next level.

The Culinary Pro is a website developed by professional chefs and culinary educators dedicated to advancing the foodservice field through education and training. We seek to provide exceptional information on culinary career planning, industry trends, and culinary techniques for students, novice cooks, as well as experienced chefs. This site will help you plan a career, decide on a culinary school, develop a professional portfolio, find a job, and advance your career. It also features…

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Our Test Kitchen's Meat Temperature Chart Essen, Meat Cooking Temperatures, Meat Temperature Chart, Chicken Temperature, Culinary Basics, Ground Chicken Meatballs, Braised Chicken Breast, Ground Beef Meatballs, Beef Meatloaf

The temperatures our test kitchen recommends for different types of meat. We include the internal temperature for chicken, turkey, beef, pork, and lamb plus why resting meat after cooking is essential.

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