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Green Jade - Crystal Encyclopedia | Crystalline Wellness

Green Jade is one of the very few stones that will transmute the negative energies surrounding you and release it into positive vibrations.

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crystals gemstones identification Mini Art Print

Sometimes the best art comes in super mini packages. These super mini art prints make a cute and space-conscious option to sprinkle in decor to any tight space. Put them on a desk to help refine your office style or use them to fill in gaps in gallery wall for a look that's uniquely you. They're available with an optional poplar wood stand for a warm and sleek display option. - 120lb high quality paper - Optional poplar wood stand - Wood stand dimension 2.5" x 1.25" x .75" - For more info [click here](https://help.society6.com/hc/en-us/articles/226825667-About-Our-Products). **PRO TIP**: Super mini art prints are a great way to test out new decor styles as you can outfit your desk with different looks before graduating to the bigger prints to hang in your home.

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Red RUBY in Blue KYANITE Sphere 70mm 1.4lbs - This Healing Crystal can encourage you to speak your heart

PLEASE LOOK and FOLLOW OUR STORE and OUR OTHER GREAT PRODUCTS FOR YOUR WELLBEING Kyanite restores Qi (or Ki) to the physical body, and balances yin/yang energies. Kyanite is a great stone for meditating and for recalling dreams. It helps realign the chakras and balance emotions. Ruby is a strong spiritual stone that emanates protective energies, while shielding from negativity. Our Stones are from Heaven and Earth! Etsy Handmade Policy: This stone or specimen was purchased at an Estate Sale. Silica based stones are not possible to carbon date but we do know they are older than 20 years and actually took millions of years for the Earth to create. All stones purchased by Your Crystal Shop are cleansed and cleared by us using sound therapy, intention, and LOVE.

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Polished Emerald Auralite 23 Necklace - Crystal Hemp Wrap - This Healing Crystal can give multidimensional awareness WEA1

>>You get the one in the 1st picture<< We GUARANTY you will FEEL our HIGH FREQUENCY stones! You can relax and be sure they were NOT grown or created in CHINA. Click here to view the store and more items: https://www.etsy.com/shop/YourCrystalShop?ref=l2-shopheader-name PLEASE L@@K AT OUR STORE and OUR OTHER GREAT PRODUCTS FOR YOUR WELLBEING! >>Amethyst crystals are generally one of the first gems people are attracted to when begin their crystal healing journey. >>Amethyst healing properties have been valued for thousands of years. As early as 25,000 B.C, the Neolithic people in Europe and the ancient Egyptians prized it for its beauty and legendary energies. Greek and Roman societies also placed high value on the Amethyst healing powers. >>It has long been considered a gemstone of royalty, being used in the crowns, scepters and rings of bishops. >>Amethyst crystals are exceptional for providing spiritual protection, inner strength and clarity of mind, making them a classic meditation tool. >>Meditating with them can help you to become more in tune with your feelings, helping you to get to know yourself on a much deeper level. >>Stimulates the crown chakra and calms your thoughts, making it a powerful aid in meditation. >>This crystal attracts positive energy while ridding your body of any negative emotions--feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, depression and more. >>The healing properties of Amethyst help to clear your body's energy field of all negative energies and influences, acting as an energetic shield that creates a bubble of spiritual light around your body. >>Aside from what they can do for your body, amethyst crystals are one of the most beneficial stones to have in your environment. >>These crystals work to purify any space of negative vibrations, emanating an energy ideal for you to thrive in. They help to clear the mind of unnecessary thoughts and clutter. >>On a physical level, having amethyst crystals in your home is believed to help strengthen the immune system and heal any imbalances that lie in the body. Handmade Policy: Supply All stones purchased by Your Crystal Shop are cleansed and cleared by us using sound therapy, intention, and LOVE. Questions? Comments? Contact us! Please Note: : Information on this website is no substitute for consulting a healthcare professional. All information we share, including information relating to medical and health conditions, products and treatments, is for informational purposes only.

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In these trying times anxiety is very common, the uncertainty of so many things leaves us confused and worried. If you have experience with crystals these are some great options to add into you routine. If you are new to crystals you can still get amazing benefits from crystals.

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