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Discover the endless possibilities with Cricut Expression 2. Unleash your creativity and bring your DIY projects to life with this powerful cutting machine. Get inspired and start crafting today!
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This is a questions I still receive often when it comes to the Cricut Machines, whether you are using the Original Cricut with overlays, the Gypsy, the Imagine or new Expression 2 (E2) everyone wants to know, What really is the difference between Real Dial Size or True Size and Relative Size or Layered Size […]

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I love finding a good deal on Cricut vinyl craft supplies and I tend to stock up on Cricut craft supplies during sales ( has the best Black Friday sale!) but Cricut supplies can be expensive! One question I'm frequently asked is where can I buy Cricut supplies? Well, not only will I share where you can buy Cricut supplies, but where to find discount Cricut supplies! My favorite store to find Cricut supplies cheap is Dollar Tree. Keep reading to see all 30+ Cricut Craft Supplies…

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GREAT NEWS! Provocraft has put out a video showing each of the features of the new Cricut Anniversary Expression 2 machine and it's fantastic! There are so many fun new features so check out the video by clicking HERE! This is a very high quality, informative video! Once you get to the site, put your mouse on the photo that looks like the one below - that will bring up the controls to start the video. You will be all set to go with your new Cricut Expression 2 after you view this video…

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Pin It I've been looking forward to today for a while (It's Wednesday evening right now). A couple of weeks ago I had planned a "Cricut Day" with some friends. We all planned to bring our Cricuts and I was going to share some tips and tricks with them. So yesterday I went through and refreshed my memory on all the functions of the Expression 2. My friend Sherry got an E2 for Christmas. She's such a sweet lady. I knew it was going to be a good time. Yesterday was funny. I'm going through all…

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