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Discover the world of creative textiles and find inspiration for unique home decor. From woven wall hangings to embroidered pillows, explore ideas to add personality and style to your space.
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The Four Stages of Textile Art Mastery - Thread Sketching in Action

In your journey to becoming a textile artist, the most important thing you can learn is to trust your artistic instinct. Have belief in the inherent quality of your work, and celebrate where you are now. Recognising where you fit in the Four Stages of Textile Art Mastery can help you on your way. When

Peg Sperlin
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Dappled light on the grasses by the canal- finished.

I finished it yesterday- close up of 'grasses by the canal' 11cm x 31cm. Paint and dye on calico. Hand stitched. 3 layers of fabric. Whole thing- but long and thin so difficult for photos. I tried to capture the bright light of summer and dappled shadows - something to work on ( next time, next time) I am pleased with it but always there is knowledge that it could be better and that is the drive that keeps me working! Hot summer days here- no rain for the garden. Meals eaten outside on the…

Renate Mauerer
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Parchment Pressing Technique

As a designer / artist who is always trying to improve, there are times when my brain is on full-throttle creative mode and I seem to tap into a source of inspiration beyond my own capacity. I know that sounds weird. But, what I mean is that when I push myself to innovate, I'm rewarded with with that "stroke of geniu

Laurice Mitchell