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33 Funny Memes & Weird Pics for Crazy Oddballs Like You | Team Jimmy Joe

Enjoy a new new batch of madness. Ya got some dorky funny memes with goofy random pics on the side. They'll tickle your funny bone or raise an eyebrow or two. This dump of witty wonders and comical calamities are tastier than well-aged spicy pickled eggs.

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45 Best Funny Quotes And Sayings – Short funny Words

Nothing can offer a better laugh than reading funny quotes and sayings about life. Sometimes funny quotes to help you get through today. Take a quick look at our funny memes to find several cool humorous quotes right now. Easy to read a list of the most hilarious phrases ever spoken. Perfect for sharing, blogging, […]

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Merging Mafias - ~16~ THE HONEYMOON DAY 4

Book 1 in The Mafia Series ------------------------------- Renée Taylor, an heir to the King of the English Mafia. Charlie Rodríguez, the only heir to the King of the Spanish Mafia. Imagine Renée's shock when her Dad revealed to her that he had arranged a marriage between Charlie and her, in order to merge the Spanish and English Mafias. Two different personalities clash in holy matrimony.

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