Craft sale table display ideas

Boost your craft sale success with these creative table display ideas. Learn how to attract customers and showcase your crafts in an eye-catching way.

Last week I participated in a pop up craft show in downtown Pittsburgh. Although the show was not well attended and I felt silly for not having researched it properly (the location and glamour of who was running it fooled me!) I did create a nice, simple table that I thought would be great to …

Sarah Hearfield
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As soon as I start talking about craft fair setups, people want to talk about pricing, signage, and how to arrange your tables. But the part of your table doing the most good (or the most damage), is often the biggest thing on your table: Your tablecloth. The tablecloth is probably the last thing the vendor thinks about, but it is the first thing the customer sees. It is the background for your whole display.

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