Courtly love

Delve into the enchanting world of courtly love and discover its intricate customs and romantic ideals. Experience the passion and devotion of this timeless tradition.
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How the Beautiful Women From the Times of King Arthur Actually Lived and Why They Had Love Affairs

There’s a saying, “In the Middle Ages, women were trying to keep the balance between the pedestal and the sewage ditch.” On the one hand, women, even the most noble ones, were not always considered to be full-fledged people, but on the other hand, they were respected and loved. Many people are sure that the women that lived in the Middle Ages had lives similar to those that house plants have, but this is not entirely true. Women hunted, fought, and wrote poems and medical texts.

Kristen Holden
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Chaucer & the Heresy of Courtly Love

With consummate sophistication, courtly love idealizes the vice of lust as a beautiful sentiment and spiritual longing that only the so-called holy gift of “love” can satisfy. Chaucer’s satire on innovative theories of marriage and the heresy of courtly love validates the wisdom of the Church’s teaching on hierarchy, fidelity, and indissolubility... (essay by Mitchell Kalpakgian)

John Iazzetti