Couple bathtub aesthetic

Create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere in your aesthetic bathroom with these couple bathtub ideas. Indulge in a soothing soak with your partner and unwind after a long day.
This Intimate In Home Engagement will make you want to cook up some pancakes for breakfast, cozy up by the fire and then hop in the bath tub while he reads to you and washes your hair // Photographed by Toronto Wedding Photographer Daring Wanderer Man Reading To Woman In Bathtub, Couple Bath Aesthetic, Couple Washing Hair Aesthetic, Bathtub Couple Aesthetic, Couples Taking A Bubble Bath, Taking Baths Together Couple, Bathroom Couple Photoshoot, Couple Bath Tub Photoshoot, Shower Together Couple

We spent the day just hanging out the way you would on a Saturday morning for this intimate in home engagement. Victoria + Pat made blackberry pancakes, cuddled on their living room floor by the fireplace and then Victoria hopped in the bath. How romantic is it that he reads to her when she takes