Country dance

Experience the joy and excitement of country dance. Learn the hottest moves and get your boots tapping to the rhythm. Join us for a fun-filled night of twirls, spins, and laughter.
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We've all been there. Out on the dance floor, trying to follow the lead of an enthusiastic teacher - but sometimes we just can't get it. Everyone has moments of failure, but these line dance whoas take the cake. People love to dance, and sometimes they love to dance like no one is watching, which can get them into trouble. When you lose all control, it can bring you attention you don't necessarily want. Either way, these country line dancers seemed to be having the time of their life before…

Carole Hammer
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From two-stepping to line dancing, Texans love to dance to the best country-western music. Therefore there are many dance halls and honky-tonks in the Lone Star State that are perfect for a boot-scootin’ boogie. Old historic honky-tonks and new-age country clubs both fill this list. Put on your Stetson hat and your cowboy boots and […]