Counter space

Discover clever ways to optimize your kitchen's counter space and create a more functional and organized cooking area. Explore top ideas that will make meal prep a breeze.
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Kitchens always seem to look way bigger before you move in—but once you start importing all your pots, pans, dishes, and appliances, counter space starts looking cluttered. Next thing you know, there’s still not enough real estate to chop an onion and cool off a casserole simultaneously. Luckily, there are plenty of other surfaces in your kitchen just waiting to be exploited—and you won’t even have to knock out a wall.

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Whether you have a big or small kitchen, you can have clutter free kitchen countertops. The key is to declutter the nonessential and be intentional about what is left out.

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Do you ever attempt to open a drawer in your kitchen that it is so packed full of junk it gets stuck and you start screaming four letter words at it? Yeah, me either. Just Kidding. My utensil drawer has been know to be a bit troublesome from time to time. To minimize my usage of foul language, I turned to Pinterest for practical storage methods. I saw that other genius bloggers had used kitchen pegboards to keep everything neat and organized. Perfect! So, that’s what I did. First, came the…

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