Costco muffins recipe cake mixes

Discover mouthwatering recipes for muffins and cakes using Costco cake mixes. Try these easy and irresistible recipes to satisfy your sweet tooth.
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How to Make Copycat Costco™ Muffins

Muffins as big as your head! Skip the thunderdome-esque parking lot situation and bake up a batch of giant, two-hands-needed muffins—in all those famous Costco™ flavors—right at home.

Susan Moreau Balfe
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Tip To Make Bakery/Cafe Style Domed Muffins!

This has to be one of my all time favorite baking hacks ever, it gives you the perfect bakery style muffins! The best part is that you can use this on pretty much any muffin recipe! I explain the baking hack in the short video below but have also written it out below the video:

Rhonda Grasdal