Coral aquarium

Transform your aquarium into a colorful underwater paradise with vibrant corals. Discover top ideas to create a stunning coral aquarium that will mesmerize and captivate anyone who sees it.
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Congratulations to community member Justind823 and his 17 gallon nano reef for being selected for our May 2019 Reef Profile! This stunning reef aquarium began as a rebirth of its predecessor that was lost during the devastating Sonoma County wildfires in October 2017, turning an unfortunate setba...

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Hi everyone, thanks for visiting my journal. 🙂 I got started in the hobby to take my mind off of work stress back in February 2018, and set up my Biocube 16 on 3/3. I was immediately hooked and started my second tank, my IM Nuvo 10, on 6/16. I really appreciate all of the knowledge and support I’...

Rebekah Jung
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If you’re just starting out in the reef world and looking for suitable types of corals to stock your first aquarium with, you might end up slightly overwhelmed. It’s a bit of a challenge to make heads or tails of this endless world of psychedelic colors and complicated names!

Nuno Morgado
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We love rare fish, exotic corals, and fancy new reef aquarium gear, but the best part, the real point of it is how it all comes together to create a beautiful reef tank. We’ve seen a number of…

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Congratulations to community member Banasophia and her 16 gallon nano reef for being selected for our March 2019 Reef Profile! Home to an incredibly diverse array of life, including a unique collection of non-photosynthetic corals, this nano aquarium has seen tremendous success in its first year....