Cool clocks

Add a touch of personality to your home decor with these unique and stylish cool clocks. Explore our collection of innovative timepieces that will make a statement in any room.
Redundant Clock uses hands oriented toward the hour markings for its hour markings Clock

A clock is one of the oldest human inventions, and besides telling the exact time it often serves as an important wall-decorating accessory. Classical design of a clock is already iconic, and you probably rarely see anything different than that. That’s why we want to shake things up a bit, and show you these 25 clever and unusual examples of clock designs.

Don Hampton
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Style: 8" Round Acrylic Wall Clock Customize your wall clock to create a functional wall décor statement piece to perfectly match your home décor, show off your art or favorite photo, or give as a personalized gift. This unique, high-quality wall clock is vibrantly printed with AcryliPrint®HD process, protected by a high-impact plexiglass crystal face and features a pre-installed backside hanging slot for easy hanging and a non-ticking design. 2 sizes: 8" diameter or 10.75" diameter…

Jaycrave Designs
~~Time Travel Haikus 5-7-5 by CityGypsy11~~ Design, Ticks, Geek Stuff, Steam Punk, Cool Clocks, Craft Room, Clock, Fibonacci, Case

If I could go back, Where would I want to go first? To the beginning. _________________________ My big quantum leap. I'm covered in quantum foam. Quantum foam, it makes me roam. _________________________ Do not be worried. Fear ye not the paradox. It's not your timeline. _________________________ I want to go back, To the Garden of Eden. Alas, I can not. _________________________ Complex Multiverse. Infinite Infinity. Mirroring Mirrors. _________________________ Someone once told me, "A…

Karen Johnson-Mclaughlin