Discover simple and effective composting methods to reduce waste and create nutrient-rich soil for your garden. Start composting today and make a positive impact on the environment.
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The Best Place To Put Your Compost Bins: Tips For Success

Ever wondered where to place your compost bin to get the best results? Choosing the right spot makes all the difference in how fast your compost breaks down, and if it even works at all. Check out all of our tips for success. #GreenLiving #GardenTips #SustainableLiving #Composting101 #homesteading

Cathy Brawley
So what happens if you don’t turn compost? Not turning your compost may keep the heap cold and the processes inside anaerobic, but if the balance of brown vs green ingredients is right, you’ll still get compost. Cold composting takes longer, but it’s nature’s way of breaking down organic matter. Check this article to learn how to do compost the lazy way. Homemade Compost Bin, Small Compost Bin, Leaf Compost, Outdoor Compost Bin, Best Compost Bin, How To Start Composting, Home Composting, Making A Compost Bin, Composting Methods

What Happens If You Don't Turn Your Compost?

You might be facing this situation: you've assembled your first compost heap ever, waited for a few months, and now you're wondering whether to turn it. Aside from the burning curiousity of looking inside, do you really need to turn compost? Most information out there says you do, but is turning compost the main factor for success?

Darlene Bunch

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