Compost toilets

Discover eco-friendly compost toilet ideas to promote sustainable living. Upgrade your bathroom with a compost toilet and contribute to a healthier planet.
All about RV Toilets! | Mavis the Airstream Compost Toilet Diy, Compostable Toilet, Diy Composting Toilet, Compost Toilet, Off Grid Homestead, Composting Toilets, Outdoor Toilet, Composting Toilet, Cob House

All about RV Toilets! | Mavis the Airstream

It’s come time to select a toilet for our new build. In our first Mavis, we installed a regular black water toilet. We loved it and had no real problems with it. It never smelled, it never leaked, it never did anything except what it was supposed to do. The most we ever lasted without ... Read more