Companion planting layout

Discover the best companion planting layout ideas to maximize the health and productivity of your garden. Create a harmonious environment for your plants and enjoy a bountiful harvest.
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Raised Bed Vegetable Garden Plan | Modern Frontierswoman

Click for an up close look at this potager design layout for a raised bed vegetable garden. The detailed diagrams have great examples of companion planting and intercropping.

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Tomatoes Hate Cucumbers: Secrets Of Companion Planting and Popular Planting Combinations

Most people plant their gardens with little thought as to what plants grow well together. The secret to an amazing garden, though? Companion planting! Companion planting not only takes nutrient uptake into consideration, but it also brings into account crop protection, pest management and positive hosting (aka. increasing the population of beneficial insects that will …

Denise Archer
A rough design for a kitchen garden based on the average garden size. The center beds are approximately 4'x6' and the overall area is about 22' square. Planning: Note which side sun is directed at your plot. Make sure taller plants won't shade shorter ones as they grow. Crowd smaller plants together to prevent sunburn on fruit and give larger plants plenty of room to sprawl. Vegetable Garden Design, Plan Potager, Garden Layout Vegetable, Vegetable Garden Planning, Garden Plan, Potager Garden, Garden Design Layout, Perennial Herbs, Garden Layout

Kitchen Garden Plans and Gardening Tips

Vegetable or herb gardening has become much more popular in the United States in the past 10 years. The focus has been on growing more flavorful, nutritious, and fresher produce than can be found in the local grocery store. Television cooking shows make our mouths water with fresh herbs, garden-ripened tomatoes, spicy ethnic peppers, and veggies of all kinds. Growing […]