Colour worksheet for preschoolers

Enhance your preschooler's learning with these interactive and colourful worksheets. Explore a variety of activities that will help your child develop their colour recognition skills.
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In Kindergarten we made Rainbow Trains! This is Kindergarten's second painting of the year (right after the shape castle) We have been studying types of lines for a few weeks and we begin this drawing with zig-zag lines to make our mountains, cloud lines to make our hills and straight lines to make our railroad track. After the students try each lines, I have them "peer review" the person next to them. If they are having difficulties, I come over to assist. The first day of painting, I talk…

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Art and craft have always been one of the most efficient tools for early education and cognitive development. Printable coloring pages and other similar activity sheets are great for toddlers and preschoolers to learn about the concepts of drawing and coloring. And when the coloring sheets come with the added advantage of a puzzle, or […]