Colonial style interior

Transform your home with elegant colonial style interior designs. Discover top ideas to create a timeless and sophisticated look for your living space.
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Modern British Colonial Interior Décor | The Fabulous Times

The British Colonial style has always been a favorite of mine, a little context is sometimes needed to really understand its origins and evolution of a style. Here's a look at a little Modern British Colonial Interior Décor..

Alicia Snyder
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British Colonial Style Decor

British colonial style decorating was created when British citizens went to live in Africa, India, Asia, and the Caribbean in the late 1800's. They adapted their refined British interior design style to the climate and available materials where they moved. Here are a few ways to add British colonial style to your home. ArchitectureThe architecture of homes in a British colonial style typically has high ceilings to let the heat rise and keep the room a bit cooler. Oversized ceiling fans…

Staci Gibbs
Crafting a Grand Modern Colonial Home - Wind The Key Modern Colonial Farmhouse Interior, Colonial Home Living Room, Colonial House Colors, Colonial Design Interior, Center Hall Colonial Living Room, Colonial House Entryway, French Colonial Style Interior, New Colonial Interior Design, Colonial Home Interior Design

Crafting a Grand Modern Colonial Home - Wind The Key

A grand modern colonial home design is characterized by a whisk of classic colonial architecture with contemporary style. This fusion results in striking exteriors boasting symmetrical facades, expansive verandas, and meticulous attention to detail. Inside, spacious interiors with high ceilings and open floor plans create a sense of grandeur and elegance.

Charlotte Clabburn
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A 1920 Shanghai Apartment Renovation — Baptiste Bohu Interiors

The Interior Design of a stunning 1920 apartment in the former French Concession in a colonial Style. Details & Objects from India, Morocco, Sri Lanka, Bali and China. A mix of Luxury & Casual atmosphere. All objects and materials have been sourced by Baptiste Bohu during his trips. A beautiful Ananbo panoramic Wallpaper is displayed in the living room

Emma Van Riemsdijk
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Audubon Birds Print Set of 4, Bird Wall Decor, Heron, Crane, Bird Poster - Etsy

Wild Birds Wall Art Print Set of 4, Antique Bird Decor, Antique Bird Illustration, Ornithology Poster, Bird Print, Bird Decor Please note that some of our prints come from images that are over 100 years old and as such, they may reflect realistic details - they may be grainier than we are used to seeing now, there may be slight creases, smudges or tears reflected that cannot be removed during restoration - in our opinion this is exactly how they're supposed to look - authentic! Please check…

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These Balinese Villas Are the Tropical Getaway You Need

Not that you need much convincing to put Bali on your must-travel list, but the tranquil The Island Houses in Seminyak might make you move the Indonesian country straight to the top. Perfect for a romantic getaway or a private group celebration, the...

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