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Discover the latest coffee machine designs that combine innovation and style. Upgrade your morning routine with a coffee machine that not only brews a perfect cup of coffee but also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen.
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Lavazza coffee machines design: new blends of style

A long-standing collaboration, which made us key players, both in terms of defining the aesthetics and design of numerous coffee machines, as well as in developing the coffee dispensing unit and the user interface for a leader player in the sector.

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Automatic Pour-over Coffee Machine

Automatic Pour-over Coffee Machine integrates the functions of both a coffee grinder and pour-over coffee maker to create a seamless, automatic brewing process. It is equipped with an in-built timer that allows the grinder system to work in sync with the...

Evens Booms
Designed After Apollo 11, LG Coffee Machine Extracts Two Coffee Capsules Simultaneously Bus Concept, Coffee Machine Design, Capsule Coffee, Capsule Coffee Machine, Simple Kitchen Remodel, Costa Coffee, City Bus, Automatic Coffee Machine, Games Design

Designed After Apollo 11, LG Coffee Machine Extracts Two Coffee Capsules Simultaneously

DUOBO, the first coffee machine ever to extract two coffee capsules simultaneously lets you do just that. To add substance to the genius, it is developed by LG Labs, which is already behind some of the most innovative and fascinating gadgets on the market.

Savin Dimov

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