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Explore the mesmerizing world of coffee flowers and learn about their unique characteristics. Find out how coffee flowers are used in various industries and discover creative ways to incorporate them into your daily life.
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We Serve Coffee Advocacy, education, community, and connection: The NCA is proud to represent the U.S. coffee industry from crop to cup since 1911 — making us one of the oldest trade associations in the nation. Our members are comprised of companies from across the industry, and represent more than 1,694,710 jobs in the U.S. economy alone. Their cumulative expertise (and volunteer contributions) make our work possible — work that ranges from keeping ahead of the latest legislation, to…

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There are so many floristry tools and supplies to choose from; it can be overwhelming to know what you need. Well if you are feeling like this, then not to worry! We have created a list to help you that includes all the best tools and necessary supplies that will help to jump-start your career as a floral professional in no time! You’ll have a feeling once you get to know these tools that you can open your own flower shop, not someday, but today!

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GROW COFFEE PLANTS IN YOUR HOME OR GARDEN There are few luxuries that are more enjoyable in life than a good cup of coffee. Well, maybe a good cup of coffee while sitting in the garden. So it’s more than intriguing that you can possibly grow coffee plants in your own garden, both outside and inside. Coffee plants are native to tropical Africa, Asia, and Central America, so successfully growing them in climates outside of those is a bit tricky — tricky, but not impossible. So, intrepid and…

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