Clean leather purse

Learn how to properly clean your leather purse to remove dirt and stains. Follow these simple steps to maintain the quality and appearance of your favorite accessory.
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When investing in a quality leather purse, you need to know how to take care of it so today I'm showing you how to clean and condition a leather purse to make it last longer.

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The inside and outside of every purse get very dirty very quickly, so once you buy it you have to clean it both inside and outside. If you own a designer purse, I’m sure you want to prolong i…

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<span>Leather bags are designed to stand for a long time. And to know exactly how to clean them is an important lifehack. To know how to maintain a leather bag is very easy. Let’s face it we all cant have unlimited funds like a young thug or Lil baby for leather shopping sprees. </span>

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Vintage Coach leather is awesome. Coach has described it as “a completely natural, unaltered, rugged leather that has been especially tanned to render it soft and supple to the touch”, “never seems to wear out and actually improves with age.” While Coach also said the aging process “cannot be reversed so there is no way to restore a Coach bag to its original appearance after it has been worn”, a bit of care can breathe new life back into much-loved bags. * * * Coach literature from 1982…

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