Classic Hollywood Movie Stars

Step back in time and explore the lives of the legendary classic Hollywood movie stars. Discover the fascinating stories and timeless performances that have captivated audiences for generations.
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The 100 Most Handsome and Best-Looking Actors of All-Time

After the six months of work on the 100 most beautiful actresses of all-time list it seemed daunting to do all of this again. Please note: this list has nothing to do with talent or character or lack thereof. The question was superficial - who are the best looking actors of all-time. That was it. You could vote for one person or ten. Thank you to the media mavens for sharing your favorites. Thankfully, there are tons of television and movie fans who know what they are talking about. This…

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The Douglas family portrait, Kirk, his second wife Anne, and their two sons, Peter Vincent and Eric Anthony. Photographed at their Beverley Hills home, 1962 by Sid Avery

Sid Avery was an American photographer who was best known for capturing the private moments of legendary Hollywood celebrities like Elizabeth Taylor, Rock Hudson, James Dean, Marlon Brando, Humphrey Bogart and Audrey Hepburn, as seen in his book, 'Hollywood at ...

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HOLIDAY AFFAIR - Robert Mitchum & Janet Leigh Cary Grant, Hollywood Aktrisleri, Klasik Hollywood, Robert Mitchum, Janet Leigh, Tony Curtis, Lauren Bacall, Old Hollywood Stars, Actrices Hollywood

There is a reason why Janet Leigh's sweater was so tight...

Holiday Affair (1949) Janet Leigh's film career began when retired actress Norma Shearer saw a photograph of the young Leigh dressed in ski-wear. Shearer was so impressed with the picture that she used what persuasive powers she had left with MGM and helped get Leigh a contract. Some years later, MGM loaned Janet Leigh out to RKO for a three picture deal. This arrangement made Leigh uncomfortable considering her previous dealings with RKO owner Howard Hughes. We all know Hughes was a…

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