Discover mouthwatering ciabatta recipes that will take your next meal to the next level. From sandwiches to bruschetta, find the perfect way to enjoy this classic Italian bread.
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This flattish crusty bread means ‘slipper’ in Italian, a reference to its shape. Its hole-filled structure is excellent for soaking up delicious juices on a plate without falling apart. Recipe: Extract from All You Need to Know to Make Beautiful Breads Bread profile: made from a soft, wet dough; flavoured with olive oil; crisp crust; big, shiny holes in the crumb. Fermentation time: overnight. Ciabatta is quite a 'flat' dough. It's wetter than most. It’s generally one of the softest ones…

Jan Porter
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Notes: You need an active sourdough starter. You can build a starter from scratch in just about 1 week. But I am a huge proponent of buying a starter. Here are two sources: King Arthur Flour Breadtopia As always, I highly recommend investing in a digital scale before beginning any bread baking adventure. Flour: I have had success using all-purpose flour, but if you can get your hands on bread flour, that is ideal, especially if you live in Canada or abroad. Moreover, if you live in Canada…

Lori Ryan
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Looking for a satisfying lunch that provides all the nutrition a runner needs? This delicious chicken ciabatta sandwich could be the answer. Flavouring the chicken here is simple – just use a single sachet of our Chicken Seasoning Reduced Salt. This seasoning is made up of smoky paprika, red bell peppers and a touch of lemon peel and offers plenty of flavour with just a fraction of the salt content. For a refreshing contrast to the warm and meaty chicken, add some creamy avocado, juicy…


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