Christmas ornament wreath

Add a festive touch to your holiday decor with a unique Christmas ornament wreath. Explore creative and beautiful ideas to make your own wreath and spread holiday cheer.
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If you are looking for an "easy Christmas ornament wreath" DIY -- this ain't it. To make a truly stunning wreath, you need a lot of ornaments -- and even more patience. My tutorial, video and 11 years of wreath-making tips and experience are here to help.

Susan Woolford
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Yes, I've seen the ornament wreaths around on the world wide web. Here and there and everywhere. They were kind of calling my name. So.... I decided this would be The Year Of The Wreath. The wire hanger kind of wreaths are fine, but I wanted a really big wreath. I thought a nice styrofoam circle frame would work nicely. But when I went to Michael's, they were out! You've got some nerve, Michael's. SOME NERVE I SAY. And here's something about me. I have no patience when it comes to crafting…