Christmas carol character design

Explore unique character designs inspired by the beloved Christmas Carol story. Get inspired to bring these iconic characters to life with your own creative twist.
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The Christmas Carol Collection

-By Tim Bruckner I’ve read Dickens A Christmas Carol nearly every year since my early teens. And as familiar as I am with the story, I still find it inspiring, revealing and reaffirming. It’s said that every generation gets the Christmas Carol they deserve. Looking over the many interpretations of t

Christina Ross
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A Christmas Carol, Anna Baratashvili

Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol" book illustrations done for Korean company Hansol Education Co Ltd for Fairy tale book collection really enjoy doing Christmas carol illustrations hope u will like it special thanks to my mother Book illustrations is copyrighted to © Hansol Education

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Jacob Marley

Jacob Marley is a ghost from Charles Dickens' 1843 novella A Christmas Carol. Jacob Marley was a cruel businessman in 19th century London who was business-partners with Ebenezer Scrooge. He died on Christmas Eve (likely in 1836 or 1835) and due to his evils he became stuck as a ghost, forced to carry the painful chains of evil and greed which he had forged in life. Seven years after his death he materialized before his former business-partner Scrooge in-order to warn him to reform or face…