Christian virtues

Explore the essential Christian virtues that lead to spiritual growth. Learn how to cultivate these virtues in your daily life and experience a deeper connection with God.
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Sometimes there are deeper things going on in a child keeping him from good behavior. Those things must be uncovered. It’s also imperative to meet a child’s needs. However, as parents, we’re generally very adept at that. Once a child’s needs for healthy food, enough exercise, a loving environment, and creative outlets have been met […]

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Hi all I stumbled on this. would this promote a holier than thou attitude, or should we be who we really are, express ourselves in our own way, but temper it to be mindful of others. I used to see these qualities as virtuous, but more and more it looks like tools of religion. its not to say the middle path is not good.. i'd be on it , but on my terms. 32584 Cheers

Beatris Rodriguez