Childhood days

Take a trip down memory lane and relive the magic of your childhood days with these nostalgic ideas. Rediscover the joy and wonder of your youth with activities and crafts that will transport you back in time.
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Summer holidays, rainy days, cultural functions, awkward love issues, term exams, these are some of the things which come to my mind when I think of my school days. The tests, the assignments, the projects [...]

Mayuri Pathak
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Once in a while, we all think about the good old childhood days. Back when our lifestyles had a carefree rhythm.​ A time when we used to have actual face-to-face conversations and not video calls (and never realized that one day we would be actually missing them). A time when we had genuine concerns and empathy for people in general. A time when things did not move this fast, and when we had the time to appreciate the beauty of simplicity. I do miss those glorious, happy-go-lucky days…