Chicken sweater

Protect your chickens from the cold with these adorable chicken sweater ideas. Keep your feathered friends warm and cozy while adding a touch of style to their wardrobe.
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Winter isn’t hard only on people. Animals and birds suffer as well from the cold weather, some just migrate to other countries in order to find the climate comfort they need. When this isn’t possible, as responsible human beings there is something you could do: make clothes! The DIY sweaters for chickens are a great […]

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My reaction was haha. That’s so cute when the first time I saw a picture of chickens wearing sweaters. These sweater are not only simply adorable but also will keep chickens warm in any cold environment. In fact, chickens that are more like pets might need a way to keep warm when outside. Especially for […]

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Here is a fun knit project – Knit Chicken Jumper Sweater for your hens. It is born due to the wild hen/bird rescue to keep those bald hens warm in cold winter weather. If you know the basic stocking stitch (body) and garter stitch (border), you may figure out how to knit the jumpers in no time. […]

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Fetching Chicken Cape!! Awesome! Also, my birds are going to have to get by with just their feathers. Ale, Perros, Gatos, Haan, Animaux, Animais, Rooster, Dieren, Animales

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