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Experience the energy of the Chicago Loop with its iconic skyline, world-class museums, and bustling shopping districts. Discover the best things to do and hidden gems in this vibrant neighborhood.
The El Chicago, World, Places, Fotos, City, Chicago Architecture, Voyage, Chicago Pictures, Downtown Manhattan, New York Hello Everyone: Over the past several months we've intermittently talk about downtowns but we've never really defined them. What makes up a downtown? Is it the number of people who live and/or work there? The concentration of businesses? In the article "The Problem With Defining 'Downtown,'" posted on The Atlantic Cities, writer Emily Badger attempts to come up with a…

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Christmas in Chicago's Loop - Macy's, Christkindlmarket. Today I'm joining up with a group of bloggers who are bravely leaving the warmth and comfort of our holiday-decorated homes to venture outside and share some of our favorite holiday sights around our neighborhoods, towns, cities and states. Thank you Jennifer @Town & Country Living for organizing

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