Character flaws

Explore the depths of human nature by delving into the fascinating world of character flaws. Discover how embracing imperfections can lead to personal growth and meaningful connections.
Character flaws: The seven chief features of ego: A chief feature is a dominant negative attitude, a defensive and potentially destructive pattern of thinking, feeling and acting. We all have at least one. We create it during adolescence, and thereafter it manifests as a lifelong character flaw or personality defect. Menulis Novel, Story Starter, Character Flaws, Under Your Spell, Writing Characters, Creating Characters, Book Writing Tips, Writing Resources, Writing Life

Character flaws: The seven chief features of ego - Personality & Spirituality

Every one of us has a fundamental flaw, an immaturity of character, a dark side or negative tendency. This character flaw, also known as a ‘Chief Feature’, tends to take control whenever we feel stressed, anxious or uncertain. To the extent that you can identify and handle yours, you are doing well in your personal growth. ... Read more

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10 Toxic Traits to Give Your Characters

Toxic traits provide a great foundation for character development. Throughout your story, your character may grapple with the consequences of their toxic behaviours, leading to character growth.

A master list of bad habits for charcters. 25 bad public behaviors. 10 driving bad habits. 25 poor health habits. How To Develop Your Characters, Get Into Character, How To Design A Character Writing, List Of Bad Habits For Characters, Backstory For Characters, How To Make A Good Character Personality, Things To Give Your Characters, Fictional Diseases List, Character Interests Ideas

Character Bad Habits

No one is perfect, especially your characters. Use these handy lists to get inspired to mess someone up. Ummm, I mean, give your characters relatable flaws. 😀 More lists (with printable PDFs) available. 25 bad public behaviors. 10 driving bad habits. 25 poor health habits. #writingcommunity #writinglists #writing #wordlists #badhabits #masterlists #writingcharacters #writingprompts When you sign up for Robin Woods' Newsletter you get access to her Writer's Tool kit AND a free book.

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