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Explore the rich and diverse flavors of Catalonian cuisine. From seafood paella to traditional tapas, discover top Catalonian food ideas that will transport you to the vibrant streets of Barcelona.
Bullinada (Catalan Fish Stew With Aioli) Recipe - NYT Cooking Creamy Fish Stew, Mediterranean Fish Soup, Canned Seafood Recipes, Fish And Potato Recipes, Fish Casserole Recipes, Claudia Roden, Fish And Potatoes, Mediterranean Fish Stew, Fish Stew Recipes

Bullinada is a creamy Catalonian seafood stew infused with saffron and garlicky mayonnaise, and brimming with potatoes. This version, made entirely from fish fillets rather than a combination of fish and seafood, is adapted from the cookbook “Claudia Roden’s Mediterranean.” Ms. Roden writes that “it has a mysterious, delicate flavor and beautiful warm color,” and that you can make it mostly in advance. Just add the fish a few minutes before serving so you can be sure it won’t overcook.

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