Cast iron skillet cooking

Explore a variety of mouthwatering recipes that can be cooked using a cast iron skillet. Discover the secret to perfectly seared meats and crispy vegetables with these easy-to-follow recipes.
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Cast iron is an ideal cookware material for sauteeing, frying, simmering, baking, and more. But you need to season a cast iron pan before you use it so that food you cook in it doesn’t get stuck and burn. After months of daily use, our trusty iron skillet was showing signs that it needed some...

Becky McGeorge
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Cast iron skillets are lauded by home cooks and chefs alike for their natural nonstick finish, ability to retain heat, and long life span, according to popular cookware brand Lodge. But there are some types of food you should avoid if you want to keep your cast iron skillet in peak condition.

Bruce Napper