Cardamom bread

Discover the aroma and flavor of cardamom bread with these delicious recipes. From traditional classics to unique twists, explore the best ways to enjoy this delightful treat.
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The wonderful aroma of this Cardamom Bread as it bakes immediately transports me to a cozy Scandinavian kitchen. Add some brewing coffee to the mix and your house will smell unbelievable. I really wish I could bottle it up. Cardamom is not a commonly used spice here in the United States but it is prevalent in Indian cooking and Scandinavian baking. This Cardamom Bread is made with a lightly sweetened dough containing eggs, milk and butter and I find the texture of it reminiscent of Challah…

Raven Nightshade
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It’s been quiet around these parts lately because I have made literally nothing creative for weeks. Between travel, being sick, a new job (same company), and just generally feeling a bit chaotic, nothing seems to have worked in the kitchen. This weekend though, with Jason and Theo up at our cabin for opening fishing weekend, […]

Gigie Cook