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Check out these facts behind the Ford car dubbed the “Interceptor” from the cult film series. Over forty years have passed since the Australian cult film Mad Max released in 1979. The cast included Mel Gibson in his career breakout role as Maximillian Rockatansky, and featured a modified Austral

Sergio Lanza
As part of a short independent film project I was tasked with creating a moody surreal sky matte painting, I created 3 images each one more surreal and odd than the last. The final image was chosen as the main concept for the worlds bizarre multi-layered cloud formations. Post Apocalyptic, Death Race, Mad Max, Dystopia, Elwood, Sci-fi Car, Apocalypse World, Dieselpunk, Apocalypse Survival

1969 Pontiac GTO (The Judge), a dystopian hybrid car, inspired by the magnificent Mad Max universe, created by George Miller and Byron Kennedy. Created in Maya (with Arnold renderer). Textures done in Substance Painter. - Featured in Gnomon School of Visual Effects gallery, in Los Angeles (Substance Days event 2016). - Featured in Allegorithmic web gallery.

Zasamy Sharasade