Car emergency kit for women

Stay prepared and confident on the road with an essential car emergency kit designed specifically for women. Find top-quality products and accessories to keep you safe and secure during unexpected situations.

I have had the pleasure of working a few weddings. But this was by far the nearest to my heart. I am a firm believe in "The Emergency Kit"! Having items on hand reduces stress by a million for me. My kit is listed below. Items are categorized, bagged and labeled (the categories are up to you, whatever helps you remember where to find something). First Aid: Visine Hand Sani Allergy Meds, Advil, Imodium, Pepto,Tums Neosporin, Bacterial Wash Alcohol Wipes (good for shellac nail shine as well)…

Madalyn McFadden
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A car emergency kit can help ensure your safety and survival in case of a vehicle breakdown. Here’s a rundown of the necessities you must include to build a reliable car emergency kit. RELATED: Car Emergency Kit Essentials: How To Prep Your Car For A Disaster Car Emergency Kit List | Essential Items You Should […]