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Discover the beauty of Canadian French and learn essential phrases and tips to enhance your language skills. Immerse yourself in the rich culture and heritage of Canada through the unique charm of Canadian French.
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INTRODUCING: d'abord tout d'abord avant tout premièrement en premier lieu. -. first first of all first of all First in the first place. FOCUSING:. OPPOSING:. mais cependant néanmoins pourtant toutefois or d’un autre côté par contre en revanche tout de même quant même. -. but however However However ...

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Collage of 4 pictures showing a lake with mountains, an inukshuk, a red farm and a view of a lighthouse and a house near the water.

Listen to English, French, bilingual and instrumental recordings of our national anthem, “O Canada,” and read about the musicians and poets behind the song and its lyrics.

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