Butter substitute

Discover healthy and tasty butter substitute options to enhance the flavor of your favorite recipes. Try these alternatives and make your dishes even more delicious.
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Need a butter substitute for your recipe? No problem! Here's a list of alternatives. It may be surprising to see beans, avocados, and applesauce as replacements, but they work! These days, baking creativity abounds for many reasons: health concerns, not enough butter on hand, allergies, and taste variations, to name a handful. Many home bakers might think that all is lost without their favorite types of butter, but that's far from true. Depending on the type of recipe and your dietary…

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A butter substitute is useful in both cooking and baking, so I found the best replacements for butter (and no one will be any the wiser)! Butter is a key ingredient so don't go without it, find the right alternative so you can enjoy all your delicious recipes without missing a beat! Whether cooking a tasty meal or whipping up some delicious baked goods, these easy butter substitutes will help you get the job done!

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While butter is an awesome ingredient, you simply can't use it sometimes, or simply don't have any. You can still make your recipe as planned using any of the 7 alternatives, or mix and match for new and different flavors.

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