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Add a rustic touch to your home with these creative burlap door hanger ideas. Discover unique ways to personalize your door and make a statement with a burlap door hanger.
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In addition to painting on furniture, a "whole lotta burlap paintin' been goin' on." We started waaaay back with hearts for Valentine's Day. We got "stripey" (cause I will stripe pretty much anything.) Then I decided to add an initial and it would make the heart work for a little longer than just Feb. 14th. Next up, a burlap heart class. They always turn out so differently but each one is so cute! I love the black and white stripes in the back. This lady drove 2 hours to attend a class that…

Victoria Steele
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Happy Monday morning bloggy friends! I'm in for another Monday Made it with Tara! I've lost count what number we're on now! So our school has rocking chairs in the K and 1st grade classrooms - they're nothing special, but super nice for reading/ meeting time. Well...when they put the Smart boards in last year, it left us no room for our HUGE rocking chairs, and they were all sorts of tearing the wall up from being pushed back and forth and the feet of it knocking into the wall! eeek!{wish I…

Leslee Allen
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Hello, folks! Who's excited for this fall's Pinterest Challenge hosted by Sherry, Katie, Carmel and Sarah?! That'd be me! Yes, this marks my very first project since little H man was born. Aw, thanks guys. I hear y'all starting the slow clap for me through my computer screen. I'm totally down with the whole Pinterest to project idea. In fact, if you remember, I helped Sherry and Katie host the Pinterest Challenge this summer (where I shared my scrapbook Atlanta city skyline art and you guys…

Sally Carwile

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