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Discover a wide range of borax crafts that are perfect for all ages. Get inspired and start creating unique and beautiful crafts using borax today!
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These borax crystals are SO COOL and beautiful! Use pipe cleaners and a simple borax and water solution to grow your own crystal gems. This is such a pretty and fun science experiment! Borax Crystals Making borax crystals is such a cool science experiment. It takes a bit of patience to let the crystals grow, but the results are amazing! Borax crystals are a great chemistry experiment showing the recrystallization process. Kids can see how molecules react to different temperatures, and…

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Borax crystal experiments are a wonderful way to mix science and art into one project. Here, we'll show you some wonderful ideas that you can use as knick-knacks, or lovely home decor. As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. Click here for more info. 1. Standard Borax Crystals2. Giant Borax Crystals3. Eggshell Geodes4. Seashell Crystals5. Fake Flower Crystals6. Crystal Names7. Beach Glass Crystals8. Crystal Necklace9. Icicle Ornaments10. Nature Ornaments11. Candle…

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You have probably used Borax for laundry, cleaning things around the house or, more recently, for the DIY slime craze! I am going to show you the basics uses for Borax and go way beyond to show you some of the most fun and creative uses that I bet you never even knew about!

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