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Explore a collection of captivating books on history that will take you on a journey through the ages. Discover intriguing stories, insightful perspectives, and expand your knowledge of the past.
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The Best New Books to Read This Fall

Whether you're a fan of summer or not, once the heat fades and the leaves start to change, it's hard to resist the call of a cozy afternoon at home with a cup of tea and a good book. Fall is the perfect time to pick up some new reads to get you through the upcoming cold months, regardless of what genres you like. With the overwhelming number of new releases hitting shelves this fall, it can be hard to decide which ones to check out from the library or buy at a bookstore. Don't worry, though…

Adia Baker
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20+ of the Best History Novels

I have so many historical fiction recommendations for you! I’ve chosen to include some series in addition to the first book in the series. There are some incredible books in this post, and I’ve left out any books that I don’t think belong in a list of the best history novels.

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Every literary movement in the history of literature summed up in a single sentence (infographic)

Courtney Gorter has created for Spark Notes an entertaining visual that collects major movements in the history of literature and sums them up in a single sentence. See also: [ef-archive number=2 t…

Martina McCann
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25 Best Books about Women in History (Non-Fiction) - The Bibliofile

Books about women in history are always such a delight to come across, especially considering how conspicuously absent so many of these stories often are in schools and history classes. I love reading about how female historical figures were able to shape history and play their part in leaving their mark on the world. So, ...

Kate Kitching